Branding Properties and the Stories They Tell

By Director of Brand & Marketing, Dave Imber

I’ve spent the last several years distilling unique ideas, products, businesses and properties into brands that communicate their value to the world and create a following of loyal customers. I believe there are two primary principles that any branding or marketing professional should focus on when launching or reviving a property-focused brand:

1. Story matters
2. Experience is everything
3. Let’s start with the story.

The core of each and every successful brand is a compelling story - one that shares a message beyond its product and invites people (customers) into a deeper experience. Be it a story of legacy and history, location, public figures or a heavy focus on niche design.

Your story is what invites customers into a deeper journey; a place of memories and connection. Don’t skimp on storytelling - embrace it and share. Now more than ever, people want to experience something beyond their hotel room.

Experience is everything.

It’s a feeling - not always rooted in facts, analytics and data, but in simply sharing the beauty of being human. Well-branded properties not only emphasize the visuals (brand, interiors, scent, furniture, art etc.), but the relationship between guests and property. A great branded experience thrives and dies at the hand of its people and service. Remember that restaurant where the service was unbelievable? Or maybe that resort you stayed at where you felt like royalty? Perhaps it was the quick and easy return you did online with a customer service representative that made you come back again and again. Whatever it was, your experience there made it memorable.

Story + Experience are at the core of what we’re doing here at One of One. We’re creating unique experiences through design, history and an incredible guest experience. I can’t wait to check back in from time to time and share projects with you as they come to life and I’m hopeful that you too will want to come and experience what we like to call, “the value of unique.”